“I wanted give to hairstylists the opportunity to build a really good creative business with a sound business model and have everything so they can focus on what they enjoy doing most.”
– Frank Rizzieri, Founder

Based on a lifetime of industry experience and established salon ownership expertise, Frankie has created a unique business model that enables successful salon ownership for the next generation of salon owners.

Frank Rizzieri is an entrepreneur and educator who is passionate about helping hair and beauty professionals reach their career goals. Fuelled by his passion for the beauty industry, and backed by his expertise as a successful salon owner, Frank has been helping up-and-coming hairstylists achieve their business and career aspirations for more than two decades. Now, Frank will lend his creative and business expertise to a broader audience, helping Frankie franchisees build successful salon businesses in their own communities.

100 years of experience

From an early age, Frank was inspired based on his parents work in the beauty industry. Growing up in the salon, Frank refined his skills and gained hands-on experience that led him to becoming an established editorial hairstylist for some of the top global fashion brands, a regular at New York Fashion Week, and a three-time North American Hair Dresser of the Year winner. His visionary mindset contributed to the establishment of a cosmetology school and business consulting firm based in New Jersey.


Frank's grandfather, Franco Ciprotti, started his first barbershop and cosmetology school in Philadelphia.

Maison de Paris was the first of its kind in New Jersey.


Maison de Paris relocated to Camden, New Jersey and continued its legacy as a renowned beauty culture school.


Maison de Paris moved  to the city of Haddonfield, New Jersey.

Sal Rizzieri joined the Ciprotti family, marrying Franco’s daughter Anna.

Sal opened his first salon, Moncheri [House of Capri] in 1964.  Anna took the helm of Maison de Paris when her father retired.

Sub Label

Sal renamed House of Capri to Salon Mirage and moved to a larger location in Washington Township, New Jersey.

Sub Label

Sal and Anna renamed Maison de Paris as the Rizzieri Aveda School, then relocated to New Jersey.

Frank rebrands his grandfather and father’s family business as Rizzieri Salon and Spa and takes ownership of the business.

Sub Label

The Rizzieri Aveda School moved to its current location in Voorhees, New Jersey.

Rizzieri Salon & Spa locations in Moorestown  and Washington Township, New Jersey open.

Service offering expands to include barbershop and skin studio.

Sub Label

The launch of Frankie Salons. In 2023, Frank Rizzieri will launch the first of many Frankie Salons. Frankie is a franchise salon for stylists and entrepreneurs who are ready to become owners. 

With the flagship location in Collingswood, Frankie is expected to open in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and Maryland in 2023.


Rizzieri is taking what he’s learned through the building of his own salon businesses and applying it to Frankie, creating an easy-to-follow business model designed for your success.

Frankie gives hairstylists the opportunity to really focus on providing excellent service to guests and creating beautiful hair. Frankie is on a mission to help entrepreneurs build their own legacy of salon ownership.

As a Frankie franchisee, business owners can combine their personal passion for hair and beauty.

Own a successful salon business built on:

  • A fresh, innovative and approachable franchising opportunity for hairstylists, by hairstylists.

  • Years of salon expertise from a salon owner who will become your business mentor.

  • A salon business community supporting the passion, creativity and ambition of independent hairstylists.

“In our lives, we don’t have a lot of time. I wanted to be able to spend the rest of my time developing something that I not only loved but that could be scaled, so that I could help entrepreneurs and build generational wealth.”

– Frank Rizzieri, founder of Frankie

team frankie

Frankie has a team of business and franchising experts here to help guarantee salon ownership success. With the more than 65 years of combined expertise over-seeing the growth of franchise businesses across a range of industries, Frankie’s support team makes it easy for investors and beauty professionals.



Owner of Rizzieri Salon and Spa and Schools, Moorestown, New Jersey.

Frank is an award-winning stylist, educator and entrepreneur. He is a teacher, celebrity hairdresser, salon owner, and editorial and New York Fashion Week stylist.



Karen brings 25+ years of experience in the professional beauty industry. As the former VP of Sales & Education at Aveda, she specializes in luxury goods, retail sales and salon & spa development.



With 20+ years of experience in franchising, Geoff has been a C-level leader across multiple successful franchise brands.

Do you remember your first haircut? Who gave it to you?
We called him ‘Muscles’ since he was a bodybuilder and it was at Fanera Tonsorial Parlor that my father went to every other Wednesday.

What is your favourite salon experience/part of visiting a salon?
A great scented hot towel while getting hair washed.


We'll be in touch with more information on Frankie's franchise opportunities.